Montefiore New Rochelle Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Resources: Caring For Yourself At Home

We know how important it is for you to understand what it takes to ensure a smooth full recovery after surgery. Your doctor and nurses will have gone over all of the necessary information in detail, but we want to underscore key information about:

Pain Control and Rest

  • Take your pain medicine at least 30 minutes before your physical therapy.
  • With your doctor’s guidance, gradually wean yourself from prescription medicine to a non-prescription pain medication.
  • Blood Clots and Anticoagulants: You may be given a blood thinner to help avoid blood clots in your legs. You will need to take it for three to six weeks as directed by your surgeon. The amount you take may change depending on how much your blood thins. Depending on the blood thinner you were placed on, it may be necessary to do blood tests once or twice weekly.
  • Use ice for pain control. Applying ice to your joint will ease discomfort, but do not use for more than 15 minutes each hour. A bag of peas wrapped in a kitchen towel will work well because the bag will easily mold to the shape of your joint.
  • Try not to nap too much, so that you will sleep better at night.                      

Caring For Your Incision

  • Keep your incision dry and covered with a light, dry dressing until the staples are removed.
  • You may shower with a waterproof bandage seven days after surgery, unless instructed otherwise. After showering, apply a dry dressing.
  • Notify your surgeon if there is redness, pain, odor or heat around the incision and if your temperature exceeds 100.5 degrees.                        

We’re Here For You

At every stage of the process, communication and knowledge are integral to your recovery. Please refer to our Guidebook For Knees and Guidebook for Hips to assist you and your caretakers, as you return to a full and active life.

Need additional information? Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at 914-365-3981.. We look forward to hearing from you.